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SPOT Additional Service: Product Replacement Program

Product Replacement

The SPOT Product Replacement Program offers registered SPOT users the ability to quickly replace your damaged, lost or stolen SPOT device.

Designed to be durable, but...

We're just glad that Jason McNeil, Trophy Truck #50 driver in the 2008 Baja 1000 Race is OK! That's an amazing feat, considering looking at how his SPOT unit fared out after a truck fire got a hold of it. McNeil even finished 11th in the Trophy Truck Class after his truck burned! We received the unit at the office and it actually worked.

Protect yourself and your SPOT

From facing extreme temperatures to being tossed around on packs and vehicles, SPOT is built to take it. But let's be honest—the activities you do and the places you go with your SPOT bring unexpected challenges. That's why The Product Replacement Program is available to you. Although SPOT is water resistant, withstands extreme temperature and holds up to the wear and tear of your adventures, you should always be prepared for what the world can do to your SPOT!

The Product Replacement Program is designed to help protect you if your SPOT device is damaged, lost, or stolen. To view the complete terms and conditions, click here.

Program Highlights
Duration:  12 months with automatic renewal upon 1 year
Coverage:  Damage, loss, theft, repair (only if not covered by the limited warranty)
Claims:  1 time per year allowed for replacements; repairs – max of 2 times
Different Plans:  No
Billing:  Yearly. Available at the time of initial service activation or during annual subscription service renewal
Replacement:  Refurbished unit if available or new unit

How Do I Get This?

Check Your Account
Are You a New Customer? Select Product Replacement Porgram coverage at the time of activation.

Are you an Existing Customer? You may add Product Replacement Program coverage within 30 days of renewal of your service plan.
Sign Up
When activating a SPOT unit this can be added online during the activation process. If you are nearing renewal on your service, please call Customer Service at 1 (866) 651-7768 or from outside of North America dial +1 (408) 933-4518 and they will assist you.
Making a Claim
To make claims under the Product Replacement Program, please call Customer Service at 1 (866) 651-7768 or from outside of North America dial +1 (408) 933-4518 and they will assist you.

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