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SPOT Testimonials

SPOT Testimonials

Whether it's for rescue or for fun, SPOT is there for you. Learn how people are using SPOT to take their adventures to the next level.
spot testimonials
Through their love of the outdoors and adventurous spirit, our SPOT Brand Ambassadors truly embody the essence of SPOT. SPOT Brand Ambassadors are those in the know when it comes to all things SPOT. Whether climbing Mt. Everest or kayaking around the world, SPOT Brand Ambassadors are always willing to share with others what makes SPOT so great.

SPOT Ambassadors

Nova Scotia Sea School

Since 1994, the Nova Scotia Sea School (NSSS) has offered challenging, real life adventure training programs to thousands of youth from Nova Scotia and across Canada. The unique training programs range from sailing adventures, wooden boat-building courses, outdoor adventures, wilderness programs, and team-building programs that build skills, confidence, environmental stewardship, teamwork and respect. In all of its programs, safety and communications are of paramount importance to the NSSS."We follow best practices," says Kelday. "Many of our staff are trained in wilderness first aid. That's where I first learned about SPOT."

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Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is Canada's only national charity devoted to fighting childhood cancer. Conducting national and regional cycling events requires reliable communications between participants, volunteers and organizers at all times – and in all locations, including off the cellular grid. This helps ensure safety and facilitates quick response by emergency services if the need arises. Reliable satellite-based location and communications service are critical since two of the major events are conducted in areas of Canada that are without cellular communications coverage.

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Projet-Karibu is a Montreal-based not-for-profit with a very specific mission: To raise awareness about the Quebec northern landscape and promote active living in the winter months. The organization was founded by four professional outdoor adventure guides inspired by a team of five adventurers who in 1980 skied from Mont Tremblant to Kuujuaq in Quebec's far north.

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ARPathfinder, New Jersey-based adventure racing team, competes in a variety of regional and national adventure races. Team members, Scott Borgstrom, Dan Byard and Jay Meier, are avid athletes who enjoy competing and educating others about adventure racing.

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Sean Morley

Originally from the UK and now based in California, Sean Morley is an expedition sea kayaker who has set numerous records including the first solo circumnavigation of the UK and Ireland (including all the inhabited islands) and the fastest circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.

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Marty Schnure and Ross Donihue

Marty Schnure and Ross Donihue are a place-based visual storytelling team. They are currently in the field creating maps of the Future Patagonia National Park in Chilean Patagonia, as part of a National Geographic-sponsored mapping expedition. Marty and Ross are collecting geogrpaphic and multimedia content to develop a vistor's guide and a interactive map, eventually allowing people from all over the world the explore the park.

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Todd Anders Johnson

Todd Anders Johnson is a professional media producer and backcountry snowboarder with AIARE, wilderness first responder and wilderness first aid certifications. He has been able to merge his love of the outdoors /snow sports with his passion for music/media with his band, Salem. He and his band have played at some of the biggest ski and snowboard events like Copper Grand Prix, the Telluride VISA Cup, EXPN's Winter X 12 Games, the 48 Straight King of the Mountain in Sun Valley, the US Freeskiing Open in Copper, and the Northface Masters US Snowboarding World Championships in Girdwood, Alaska.

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David Wright

Award winning filmmaker and photographer David Wright has worked in over 35 countries, including spending long periods in the Australian Outback and two years in Arctic Svalbard, shooting the National Geographic film Realm of the Great White Bear. The story followed a family of polar bears through an epic Arctic odyssey. The project won an Emmy for Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking and an Emmy nomination for Cinematography. Other recognition includes a Jules Verne Award and BAFTA.

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Cotton Coulson

Cotton Coulson is an award-winning photographer and contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine. Cotton began his photography career at National Geographic when he was 21 years old, and has photographed more than 20 stories for National Geographic magazine andNational Geographic Traveler. Cotton has shot stories from the Arctic and Scandinavia to Italy and France, and has also traveled to North Africa and Antarctica with the Society.

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Dan Nash

For 15 years and across 5 continents, Dan Nash has guided clients pretty much everywhere you find the big mountains, including the Andes and Himalyas. His company, Satori Expeditions, offers over 50 different expedition-type trips worldwide to places like Patagonia, Iceland, Nepal, Tibet, Africa, New Zealand and South America. Dan is also a founding member and on the board of directors for the Professional Hiking Guides Association (PHGA) and a member of the American Mountain Guides Association.

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