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Hikers found alive lost on the Quetrupillán Volcano



April 23, 2011 - According to news sources, rescue patrols from the National Forestry Corporation found alive two hikers that had been missing in the mountainside of the Quetrupillán Volcano, in the La Araucanía Region.

According to officials from the organization, the Italian Analissa Lombardo and the Czech Citizen identified as Philip Kunge were found in the Huililco sector, in the Villarrica National Park, with the onset of hypothermia. As a result of this, they were transferred to the San Francisco Hospital of Pucón so that medical personnel could check their health conditions.

The visitors found themselves lost from Thursday night when the Italian activated her emergency satellite device, communicating with the Control Center in Texas, United States, from where they referred the information on to the Chilean Navy, who extended the information on to the National Emergency Office.

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Stranded State Trooper Located After Alerting Authorities with SPOT from Remote Cascades



On Sunday, May 15th 2011, the GEOS International Emergency Rescue Coordination Center (IERCC) received an SOS notification from a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. The location coordinates provided were that of a remote avalanche-prone region in Washington State's Northern Cascade mountain range. The registered owner of the SPOT Messenger is Dan Anderson, a former Marine, a retired Army Special Forces Soldier (Green Beret) war veteran and a Washington State Trooper.
The IERCC contacted the Washington State OEM (Office of Emergency Management) providing the location coordinates and Mr. Anderson's registered profile information.  An immediate search and rescue was dispatched.
Days earlier, the off-duty Mr. Anderson embarked on a planned crossing of the rugged Cascades.  An experienced outdoorsman, he had decided to complete the crossing solo by snowshoe. 

Anderson headed towards Holden Village near the north end of Lake Chelan. As he was setting up camp on Sunday night near a mountain glacier above 5,000' elevation, Anderson realized that he had lost his all-season tent during an earlier fall. A combination of heavy rain and snow left Anderson cold, wet and without proper shelter.


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Crew Aboard Sinking Vessel Notify GEOS IERCC with SPOT Device


December 14, 2010 - At 0556 GMT the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) received a SOS alert from a SPOT device. The coordinates showed the unit to be located 393 Nautical Miles (NM) northwest of San Juan, Puerto Rico and 475NM southeast of Hamilton, Bermuda.

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Injured Remote Worker is Transported to Nearby Hospital


On Friday, February 18, 2011,  the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) received a 911/SOS alert from a SPOT device in Nevada. IERCC personnel contacted local emergency services that responded to the location of the incident. Once on scene, emergency personnel worked to extricate one individual that had become trapped under heavy machinery. After being freed, the injured party was taken, via helicopter, to a nearby hospital.

SPOT Initiates Rescue of Injured Skier


February 6, 2011 - The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) received a 911/SOS alert from a SPOT device. Local emergency services were contacted and informed of the activation. Emergency personnel responded to the coordinates finding an injured individual that had been involved in a snow skiing accident. The victim was airlifted to a nearby hospital with several broken ribs.

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