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Tom Robert

Rescue Profile: Tom Roberts
Case #20141

Tom Roberts is an avid hunter in the backcountry of Canada and has been hunting big game for many years. In August 2017, Tom and his hunting partner set off to their favourite spot in the mountains to do some sheep hunting.

After his partner shot a ram, Tom took on the job of skinning his hunting partner’s prize. His knife was caught up in the hide so he torqued with his knife. As he did this, the knife came though the hide and he stabbed himself near his knee right to the bone. His hunting partner used quick thinking and cut a piece of canvas meat bag and wrapped it tightly around Tom’s leg to create a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

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Rescue Profile: Alex Giesbrecht

Saved By SPOT

Alex Giesbrecht is an experienced back country skier, who is a member of a ski patrol at a local resort near Golden, in the southeastern area of B.C. He also conducts avalanche safety training courses for a variety of user groups. On March 30th 2017, Alex and a group of 12 experienced skiers headed out for a day of back country skiing. The group used snowmobiles to climb to the top, designating one member of each pair to take the snowmobile down – the rest would ski down. On one run, Alex lost control and ran into a tree, fracturing 12 ribs and puncturing a lung, along with other serious impact injuries.

After a quick assessment of the extent of Alex’s injuries, the group pushed the SOS button on their SPOT Satellite Messenger, signaling emergency responders of the immediate need for rescue along with their GPS location coordinates.

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Rescue Profile: Cody Grant

Saved By SPOT

For emergency and intensive care unit nurse Cody Grant, the snowmobile trek to the Norns Range that he and four experienced snowmobiler riders embarked upon in March 2017, would be at least his 20th visit to the area. Located in southeastern B.C., this spot is a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, from snowmobilers to back country skiers.

Towards the end of the day, one of Cody’s friends – who happened to be the most talented snowmobiler of the bunch (Chris) – was in an area which was usually roped off by the local snowmobile association because of blind rolls. He hit a roll and accelerated over what turned out to be a twenty-foot drop. He landed perfectly but the impact of the landing caused an immediate compression of his lumbar spine. He fell off his snowmobile in excruciating pain.

“It was obvious to us that he either broke or seriously injured his back, so we took steps to ensure he was not moving,” says Chris. “Within three minutes of the accident, a decision was made to activate the SPOT Gen3 and send an SOS to emergency responders along with Chris’ GPS location coordinates.”

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Avid SPOT user activates device three times over 10 years

John Walker

Rescue Profile: John "Swagman" Walker
Various Locations

John Walker aka Swagman is no stranger to overcoming challenging situations. As a U.S. Navy Veteran and avid hiker, Swagman loves being outside and takes on nature one hiking trail at a time with plans to conquer the Appalachian Trail in 2018.

With safety in mind, Swagman purchased his first SPOT device in 2008 after his sister persuaded him to do so—she didn’t want him to be mauled by a bear or rabid racoon. Little did he know that his SPOT device would be put to use not only once, but a total of three times over the past ten years.

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Belgian hikers use SPOT for helicopter rescue in Lapland wilderness

July 2017

In July 2017, Jeroen and Laura were on a multi-day hike in the remote wilderness of Lapland when Laura fell seriously ill.

Jeroen is experienced at hiking in the Swedish mountains and has completed many unsupported solo hikes across far-flung expanses, both in -40°C winter conditions and wet summers. He tries to visit the region from his home in Belgium at least twice a year.

As he regularly goes to remote areas, Jeroen bought a SPOT Gen3 to use in case of an emergency as well as to send check-in/ok messages to friends and family at home.

"Our family really appreciate that they can track our progress and get check-in/ok messages from us. They follow us non-stop when we are out in the wilderness. They know if they don't receive a message every 24 hours, then they need to send help to our last known location," Jeroen said.

"I especially like SPOT Gen3's impressive battery life, even with the tracking mode on. I also like the way it is built. It's very rugged," he added.

To prepare for their X-day hiking trip to the Lapland wilderness in Northern Sweden, Jeroen and Laura bought high quality equipment and undertook training including a summer hiking trip to central Sweden.

Jeroen and Laura set out from Kvikkjokk on Friday afternoon and spent the first night camping above the tree line. On day two they hiked further into a high valley.

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