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Trapped in the Australian High Country

Rescue Profile: Colin

Case #: 9176




Colin, an avid motorcyclist, purchased a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger™ during a motorcycle tour in South America to let the folks back home keep up with his progress. He also liked the idea of having a 911 button in the event of a critical emergency in an area without cellular coverage. Having just purchased his SPOT device in July 2012, Colin probably was not expecting to use the S.O.S. feature so soon.


A few months later, Colin was looking forward to enjoying a beautiful Australian summer day biking on the scenic trails. He checked his bike, packed up his gear, which included his new SPOT device, and headed off into the Victorian High Country with one of his mates. The friends were enjoying the scenery when Colin lost his balance and fell downhill. The fall resulted in the breaking of his collar bone.


Being the rugged guy that he is, Colin does not recall being in extreme pain, but knew that he needed immediate medical attention and could not ride back out on his own.


In the high country with no cell phone coverage, the friends reached out to a fellow traveler passing by who had an Inmarsat satellite phone. Colin recalled frustrations in trying to use the satellite phone, as the coverage was marginal and an attempt to call 000 (Australian 911) would not go through. That's when the group decided to activate the SPOT emergency alert.


About two hours later, Victorian emergency response personnel had sent a helicopter to Colin's GPS coordinates. Colin was then airlifted from the high lands and taken to a local hospital. Colin received the proper medical care and was discharged with a six-week long recovery ahead of him.


Now fully healed, Colin is back in riding form and looking forward to a trip to South America later this year.


Colin recalls being satisfied with his SPOT, "I'm very happy with it [SPOT], even before my accident. I would recommend it, and often do."

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