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Wayne Fischer
I love my SPOT2 and use it several times a month. I would buy the next version if it had the following feature: A couple of times per year I am out in the forest for around a week at a time, with no cell phone, email, and phone. Last month we had an emergency and someone had to drive 3 hours, one way to get us. It would be nice to be able to receive a simple 100 to 150 character text message as well. I would check this several times a day to be assured all is well. If not, then will respond accordingly. I would be willing to pay around 10 to 50 cents per received text message. Please consider this for a future SPOT w/ iPhone or iPadx connection or any other smart cell phone. Wayne Fischer, Lake Tahoe, NV
Roger Fowler
SOS was used within weeks of my purchase of SPOT 2. I loaned it to my brother so I could follow his Alaska trip. He would check in with "I'm OK" every day and we followed him on google earth. I was in a meeting in Chicago when I received a call from the emergency center telling me that the SOS has been sent. After some discussion and trying to call him on his cell they sent the Canadian Mounted Police to the scene. Turns out my brother had stopped to take a picture of a crashed plane when out of the cockpit a voice yelled "help me!" He was taken to hospital with head and leg injuries but is expected to survive. How many people had driven by that scene? When my brother got cell service I blew his mind when I said the pilot made it to the hospital and is doing well. His reply "how the h*** did you know that?" Spot has given us a feeling of safety now knowing how well it works.
Stan Miller
Hi, I wrote in previously about my positive experience with SPOT roadside assistance. This comment is that I want to give kudos to Chris (not sure of his last name) in your billing department. He went gone beyond my expectations of fixing the billing errors on my account, was very helpful, and always was very polite and patient with my issues. Very good service and thanks Chris.
Jack Kaufman
Hey spot, one of my close friends and fellow jeeper and outdoorsman showed me his SPOT device one day and told me a story about how it has saved his daughters life before, convincing me to buy one the next time i went shopping for gear, i always carry spot in my medical gear bag,or when im off roading like i was this week in Moab, Utah i kept the spot on my dash, some fellow offroaders checked it out and liked the product very much, thank you for making a great product at a reasonable price.. oh and is there anyway i could get a SPOT sticker for the back of my jeep?
Susan Hyatt
Hi there! SPOT saved me husband's life this past weekend. Check out the news story: We are having a big event to celebrate and raise funds for the search and rescue team. XO S
John Tucker
My brother-in-law Dick Scott is currently racing in the Yukon River Quest canoe/kyack race on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City (460 miles) it's the longest annual canoe river race in the world. This year he is using the SPOT unit. It's great to be able to follow his progress on the map as he is in the solo canoe devision. Hopefully he will not need the emergency mode. I believe many of the other racers are also using the device. John Tucker, Belmont, NY.
Ronnie Schweng
i have had my spot for two years now. i won't go hiking without it. Me and my hiking partner got it because of our wives worrying while we are gone for a week hiking. I watch the t.v. show " i shouldn't be alive" and think why aren't ya'll advertising on this show. and when i read or hear on t.v. about lost people in the woods on on a mountain i think " they should of had a spot." i hope to get the new one to send messages soon. thanks for the great product
Cynthia Sibley
Thank you SPOT! While I was busy teaching, taking classes and getting my teaching license this past school year, I was able to keep track of my family and live vicariously through them. My husband is an avid snowmobiler and on the 50+ days that he was out, I received spots to tell me he was having a great time and that all was well. My son, who was in college and an adventure backcountry skier and river runner, would also spot me to keep me in touch with his whereabouts. My daughter who has been studying in Spain the last semester and traveling in Europe, has kept us all informed of her adventures as well. We could use the satellite images and see right where she was when the message was sent. Brilliant! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I would be working on my computer and receive e-mail and text alerts from my family. I have loved having this connection to them. Grandparents, friends and family all have been a part of the adventures with their SPOT updates. A new verb in the English be spotted....alerting one's family to your whereabouts! Sincerely, Cynthia Sibley
Tim Angus
On April 2nd I was snowmobiling in the Ruby Mountains East of Elko Nevada. The day was great and the snow was a little bit soft but a lot of fun. We sled all morning and my friends sled was not working well so we went back to the trucks to change it out for my back up sled. When we returned from the trucks I headed up the mountain and I was about 10 meters from the top. When I lost control and my sled moved off the track and I became bogged down. The slope was between 60 and 65 degrees, and I was about 1,200 feet at the top of this snow wall. We worked for about 30 minutes to dig out my sled out and with the help of my friend Daniel I remounted my sled. Oh yah!!! I needed help mounting my sled because I am a paraplegic. So to say the least I would not have been able to get out of there with out the help from my friend. When he put my feet back on my sled, I told him to leave both feet on one side so I would be able control the sled, and he said OK!!! When I tock off and headed down the hill, with the steepness of the hill I accelerated to about 40 MPH, and at that point the sled bucked me off, and when I hit the snow my right leg post holed up to my thigh. I heard and felt the snap of my femur. When I tumbled to a stop I was in extreme pain, and still 1,100 to 1,200 ft. at the top of the steep snow wall. To say the least I was in deep trouble, and my life was in jeopardy. My friend raced the 17 miles back to the trucks, and I pulled my trusty S.P.O.T. out and pushed the 911 button not knowing what would happen. When my friend reached the trucks EMS and the Sheriffs were all ready on scene. I laid there at the top of that very steep snow wall for about an hour making my peace with God. Then about 2 hours into my trauma I heard the wonderful sounds of a helicopter, but to be let down when it went right past me heading up the canyon. Only to be surprised 5-10 minutes later. When it appeared right over the top of me, and I thought at that point I might be getting out of there. Elko County Nevada, Division of Forestry, Fire Protection District. Spring Creek Station # 24, and Elko Ambulance took part in my rescue. SPOT had contacted them and my sister. I was told that the SPOT people were polite and professional, and very adamant in getting me rescued. This was Elko Co. 1st SPOT rescue, and they said it work out well for them. Not to say it worked out great for me. The rescue was not easy it took Daniel Hasset, paramedic from Elko Ambulance near to an hour to climb to me, in a heroic effort, sinking up to his thighs with every step he took. When it was obvious that this was not going to work and the rescuers would have to do something different, these heroes flew up the snow slope with the helicopter, and jumped out on to that very steep snow wall with the rescue litter in their arms. After attending to my medical needs and securing me in the rescue basket, these brave men walked me off the mountain to a waiting air ambulance helicopter. The men are Captain Marcus, fire fighters, John Pitts, Matt House, Dustin Osborne, Mike Barry, and Daniel Hasset from Elko Ambulance, and the helicopter pilot that flew the rescue who’s name I don’t know. These men are true heroes, and if you asked them they would probably say they were just doing there job. Elko Co. is lucky to have these men working for them. I have seen this type of man in the Army, and in rescues that I have been involved in over the past 35 years. The definition of a hero is: somebody who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown an admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character. With out these men going into avalanche danger high angle snow wall to rescue me I would not have survived. To say the least with out the coordinated work from SPOT and my rescuers I would not be writing this letter. Thank you SPOT, Fire fighters, and unnamed helicopter pilot for saving my life.
Chris Petrie
Hey Spot, Love your products and your constant innovation! This is our third season and now we have upgraded our Spot to the new Spot Delorme commuicator. We are taking this incredible device on our 1507 km canoe expedition that goes from Jasper, Alberta to Fort Smith Northwest Territories. we used your first product on an 87 day voyage to Hudson Bay and it was awesome! Chris Petrie Avant Voyageur P.S. because of Spot (3 years ago) my gf was able to zoom in on our location (we had a weak cell signal but it held up in this area) She was able to tell me that we were 18km off route and were heading toward a dead end! We were lied to about a short cut that did not exsist on Cedar Lake, Manitoba.
Thomas Calvin Doss
My daughter and I were going a snow machine ride out of Cooper Landing Alaska to Lost Lake. After about an hour of riding I fell through the snow and couldn`t get out. My daughter fell through a few minutes later with her machine. It was getting dark quick so we brought out our survival gear and got ready for a long cold night. My daughter was getting hypothermic and I chose to use the spot to get her out quick. The spot worked perfect and we got her out safe. Thanks because it would of been the next day if we hadn`t of had our spot. She would of been in serious trouble if we would of had to wait that long. Thanks again for a real life saving piece of equipment that works. Thomas Calvin Doss
Fernando Erbetta
Today saturday 23rd, two European hikers -Analissa Lombardo from Italy and Philip Kunge from Czech Republic- were rescued alive after they got caught in a heavy storm on thursday 21st in the Villarrica National Park, Chile. When they realized that they were lost and in severe danger, Analissa used her SPOT unit. After one and a half day searching them, local rescue teams finally found them today. The two hikers suffered from hypothermia but in general they were in good shape. In summary: two more lives saved by SPOT. You can see the picture of Philip and Anallisa showing her SPOT unit in the next web page: Best regards from Chile, Fernando Erbetta
Jacob Shultz
Hi my name is Jacob Shultz and I work as a guide for St Elias Alpine Guides out of McCarthy, Ak and lead trips in the Wrangell St Elias National Park. The summer before last (ie the sumer of 2009) I was working a 7 day back country trip and I hate to admit it but I lost my SPOT Personal Tracker. We stopped for lunch and I missed closing a zipper and the SPOT fell out. When I noticed it was missing there it was too late to go look. When I returned back to town I got online and sure enough it was still transmitting its location and I wrote down the coordinates. However no one returned to that area for the rest of summer. So I pretty much wrote it off as a loss. I must say I was greatly in pressed with SPOTs customer service in promptly sending me a replacement! Well this last summer (ie summer of 2010) i was greatly surprised when another local guide approached me and asked me if i lost a SPOT last season. I said yes and out of his pocket came my SPOT. He had just done the route I lost it on and happened upon it! Also to our surprise we changed the batteries and it powered right up and works right as rain! That is pretty impressive after basically spending an entire year out on a mountain pass in the Eastern Chugach Mountains! Your company makes a quality product and I just wanted to take a minute, tell you my experience and say thank you!
Calvin Justus
Me and a friend just recently took a trip to the corcovado national park in Costa Rica and camped out for 4 days. Where we were there was nobody around for miles. It can be dangerous out there with the heavy rains and wildlife so having my SPOT and PN-60w really gave us some peace of mind. Also my travel companion fell down a steep waterfall and was injured, we didn't need a rescue but it sure felt good to know if we needed it then we could have it at a push of a button.
Ester Vargas Pipersky
A couple years ago my 81 year old father had major thoracic surgery and lost 1/3 of his lung. Two weeks after surgery a sister went to check-up on him and noticed his 1971 Toyota Landcruiser was gone! As she stood at his house puzzled and worried at his whereabouts she heard the sound of the Landcruiser approaching. When he arrived she said “Daddy you should not be driving so soon after surgery, where did you go”, he replied “I went to the mountains for a ride, but don’t worry I took my Spot”! Buying the Spot for Daddy was a good idea, I think! He feels safe traveling alone with his Spot LOL.
Richard Orcutt
I travel to remote areas where no cell phone reception is available. I purchased the SPOT so that I could stay in touch with my family so they would know that I was OK. I have used my SPOT from the Bahamas to central Alaska. I recently loaned my SPOT to a relative so that he could keep his family aware of whereabouts in the everglades. Great product and good luck with the HUG.
Lance Robinson
I am a Marine Veteran That is trekking across the USA I am going to every state Capitol.As I travel I use spot so all can find me. The best thing is the SOS because if I ever get hurt I can reach out so people can find me. Spot sponsored me with a unit and 1yr service to help me,I contacted Derek Moore and he helped me with my need. That was awesome! I use the unit every time I march.Thank You so much SPOT.
Myself and two friends went deer hunting and fourwheeldriving in Victoria Australia's most rugged of areas. We had some major vehicle issues and on a walk out one of the party had dislocated a knee. Weather was terrible. I made a decision to activate SOS on the spot. We had police scanners and within 30 minutes of activating the spot we could hear police rescue start to respond. It enlightened our hearts and within 8 hours we were rescued and safe. If anybody in Australia doubts this product don't. Police even commented how good the system was as it pinpointed us on a map making thier job easier. Thankyou again, we are safe.
Jack Weaver
While trail riding the wilderness on horseback in very remote area with friends one horse slipped and fell causing significant head injury to rider. Thanks to Spot Helicopter rescue arrived and transported the lady to nearest hospital for Medical treatent. Much Thanks.
Jeff Burke
THANK YOU "SPOT" FOR SAVING MY LIFE! On August 8, 2010 myself and a buddy were fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, 34 miles west of St. Petersburg FL when our 27 ft. fishing boat starting taking on water. We knew the boat was going to quickly capsize from taking on water and the waves. Urgently, we tried to call for help on our cell phones and CB radio but were out of range. Thankfully I belong to a boat club which provided the boat with a SPOT Personal Tracking device! I grabbed the SPOT device just seconds before the boat capsized. While standing on top of the capsized boat I sent out a 911 distress alert from the SPOT -- a couple of hours later we thankfully saw a Coast Guard helicopter flying towards us! THE COAST GUARD HAD RECEIVED OUR GPS COORDINATES FROM THE SPOT AND WE WERE SAVED! They used a basket to pull us from the water into the helicopter and flew us to the Coast Guard command center in St. Pete. The Coast Guard staff spoke very highly of the SPOT device and asked us all about how we used it. I learned a lot about how the SPOT technology works and can save lives that day. I am thankful that my boat club subscribes to the SPOT service and provided the device on the boat! We were in the newspaper and on TV the next day, the Coast Guard released the rescue video and I have a great picture of me getting off the helicopter, holding the SPOT in my hand still. A successful capsized boat rescue is big news in the Tampa/St. Pete area after what had happened to 4 NFL football players on a capsized boat last year. THANK YOU SPOT FOR YOUR AMAZING TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES! Jeff Burke Seminole, FL
Tim Dallas
Jamie Dunross, a C5 quadraplegic has just completed a single handed circumnavigation of Australia in his 34ft yacht 'Spirit of Rockingham' During the circumnavigation Jamie's SPOT-1 tracker worked flawlessly in 'Tracking' mode for the 59 days he was at sea. Jamies route and narrative can be viewed on His next voyage will be around the world. Though Jamie was not racing (despite being a Para-Olympics gold medalist)his voyage beat the previous record of 68 days for a single handed navigation. However a new record of 42 days was set by an able bodied sailor who was at sea during the same period. Jamies next project is to circumnavigate the world, please visit to show your support
Susan Bell
I lost my SPOT (ESN 0-7473093) while I was riding my motorcycle in Los Angeles. Someone has picked it up; the last known coordinates are 34.06888,-117.84633 I am hopeful that someone will contact you to return it to me.
Curtis Fortner
In early July, my son and a friend took a motorcycle trip from Texas to Alaska and back. Just after crossing into Canada and traveling 70mph,the Spot he was carrying fell from the motorcycle hitting the highway.He stopped and retrieved the Spot(which was in tracking mode).The Spot continued to function with no problem. A small chip out of one corner was the only damage. I like your product and service.
Meg Stockwell
I went for a stroll on a gentle path and fell! I was medivaced to Fresno, CA from Edison Lake with a perforated bowel. I was rescued by using my Help feature which asked my son to send in the packer, I did not know I was bleeding internallly, so did not use 911. He was able to give ckear directions from the google map. Without my Spot I would be dead. I am very grateful! PS I learned from a friend to tape a penny over my help and 911 buttons so I would not inadvertantly trip them.
James McNeely
I volumteer with Rescue Task Force, San Diego based Disaster Response Organization with projects all over the world. Last trip on a clean water project to the roadless rainforest area of Honduras near the Nicaragua border I used my Spot to alert the office and families of our progress and in case of an emergency like a boat accident or sickness. Now I carry Spot with me every where especially disasters. Our next planned project is Thailand/Cambodia, but definately will carry Spot on disasters to track progress, location and health. This would have great in Haiti for our team to complement the satilite phone
William Hodges
AVIATION CONSUMER My aircraft is equipped with a 121.5 ELT which are now obsolete. So I have a SPOT satellite messenger and have been using it in my aircraft since September 2008. My family and I are very pleased with it. Your description of the SPOT fails to describe how versatile the device really is. All of the outgoing messages can be custom configured to relay specific information in a manner of your choosing, and these settings are saved online in a profile. Each SPOT device may have more than one profile ready for use, each with custom messages and recipients, and these profiles may be selected as active via internet connection before your trip. My standard profile is as follows: OK Message: Pete Hodges N5586F OK. Departing Airport, or Returned to Airport, or 30 minutes from Destination. HELP Message: Pete Hodges N5586F Delayed or Diverted & must alter plans to complete trip. NOT on time. 911/SOS Message: N5586F Piper PA-28-140 airplane based at EZF Fredericksburg VA flies local to CJR 7W4 RMN flies XC to HXD(SC), AFJ(PA), 2E8(MI) also to CHO FVX RIC ROA LYH(VA) and nearby areas. The OK and HELP messages are sent out to a list of up to ten e-mail or cell phone recipients. It is interesting to note that the OK and HELP messages can be mapped to recipients independently, so that different recipients can be assigned to different messages. My standard message goes to my wife’s cell & her office computer, our son’s cell, my designated emergency friend, and my cell phone. If we are flying to visit a relative we add their cell phone to the list, and send out an OK message ½ hour before getting to the airport, so they know when to pick us up. The 911/SOS message does not map to recipients in the same way. A primary and a secondary emergency contact are designated on the profile along with their contact information. Here is how we use the SPOT for a local fly: During preflight once the airplane is out of the hangar I turn the SPOT on and send an OK message after it stabilizes for about 30 seconds. I clip my cell to my shirt pocket and continue preparing for the flight. The cell usually pings the text message on taxi to the run-up area, if not, I reset the SPOT and send again. I want to be sure the message got out. Once the cell pings the message I reset the SPOT and put it in TRACK mode. I put the SPOT on the dash, and try to keep it in the shade of the windscreen center post. During the flight my wife will often open the SPOT Shared Page and follow my progress from her office computer, sometimes her sister from out of state does too. I recently flew 250 mi to NC and flew home later that day. My wife and her sister watched my progress as they talked on the phone. If I have to divert or have a non-emergency delay, I can send a HELP message, letting everyone know that I have been delayed. When I land I reset the SPOT and send another OK message, letting everyone know I am on the ground and the trip was completed safely. If I were to have an emergency in flight I would simply press the 911/SOS button. It takes less time to do that than to reset my transponder to 7700 (a feature of the new transponder I don’t like). If I couldn’t do that the SPOT would still have my track to within 10 minutes of my current position. The 911 feature on the new SPOT2 sends a message every 5 minutes, but I think it is more often than that on the SPOT1. I have had the SPOT for nearly two years and I like it a lot. While the SPOT system is not perfect, it does work and has some very handy features. The shared page feature is very informative and entertaining for my family and adds a level of usefulness not possible with an enhanced ELT. I can tell you this, if Steve Fossett had used a SPOT on board his aircraft as I have described, he would have been found and rescued in less than a day, and he probably would still be alive now. To me, that makes the SPOT a valuable tool for all pilots of small aircraft. William “Pete” Hodges The Quixote Airman
Robert Loken
I have been walking the Great Wall of China the last year. Every evening on the trail I fire off a Spot message so that my family and girlfriend will know that I'm ok, and the Google Map is automatically updated. See here for my route: Zoom out to see the whole walk! And see here for a dramatic episode where I was close to pressing the 911 button: I have a picture of myself in the tent with the gps and Spot device behind me. I always keep it right next to my head when I'm sleeping in the tent. All the best, Robert - 0-7482973
Dan Young
I live in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. A remote island in the Aleutians of Alaska. In September of 2009 I spent 14 days trekking the length of Unalaska Island. 4 days shy of finishing I had fallen neraly 30 feet all vertical and smashing my knee. I continued to hike another two days until the swelling and infection made it impossible to continue. Three hours after pressing the call for help a USCG helicopter made their way in 45 mile an hour winds to pick me up. It's a great success story and I'm happy to have spot on all my adventures.
Jean Strouf
I ride a large horse on trail weekends in Southern California State, National and County parks. Cell service doesn't work, but since the fires in 03 and 07, there's always a clear sky to South. This is a dream come true, hopefully, to my friends, neighbors & family who are always worried about me. I just activated & will let you know. Why isn't this advertised to Horse People?
Dan N.
I criss cross the world as a Ferry Pilot, mostly in small aircraft. I use the spot so that family at home and clients can see where I am at all times. Some times crossing the oceans for endless hours on end, I feel secure, with the 911 feature and insurance, that I can be rescued anywhere in the world. Thanks SPOT
John L Kastien
I love the unit. In fact have probably sold a dozen or more for you You should offer old original customers a discount on your new model. JLK
Justin Hamel
I have been using my Spot to help me track scientific payloads that I send to the very edge of the earth's atmosphere above Oregon, USA. We have taken some pretty amazing photos of the earth that can be seen at Thank you Spot!
Rick Brown
This November two friends and I delivered a 47' catamaran from Marsh Harbor Abaco Bahamas to Tortola BVI. We had a satellite phone and a spot as well as radio equipment. We tried to use the satellite phone which was rented by one of my friends to touch base with family...It had expired minutes and could only make 911 call maybe.? We checked in with our spot and family and friends every 8 hrs and they tracked our travel. We felt pretty comfortable knowing that we had a backup that would work if things went south with our trip. Family and friends still talk about this..NICE!
Wilson Gilliam
I am the Co-Owner of Chesapeake Bay Helicopters, Inc. We are an aviation company performing a variety of aviation related services. Several weeks ago, one of our helicopters crashed in rugged terrain in the mountains ofwestern Maryland. The pilot was disoriented and didn't know where he was. Our Office Manager and Operations Manager used our master Spot tracking map to locate the pilot and aircraft. They actually talked the emergency personnel into the location over the phone. The pilot spent about a week in the hospital before returning home to recooperate. We would have found the pilot much later without the SPOT and I am convinced that this product saved his life. Many thanks!
Christian Mackin
I value my Spot and use it everytime I go on long distance cross country gliding flights. I continue to hope that Spot will upgrade to provide altitude sending.
Seth Andersen
Hey Spot- Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. My wife and I are travelling through the Middle East right now and her mom is happy to get the OK message each day for piece of mind. Travel is actually a great application for SPOT products and you should market it as such. Feel free to use our spots to market if you like. Cheerio! Seth
Adam Biel
Hey SPOT team! I'm a solo adventure cyclist touring North and South America raising money and awareness for autism. I have been on the road for over 6 months, using my SPOT regularly, and it is only now starting to run out of batteries, which is impressive. Anyways, I am 7,300 miles into a 25,000 mile journey. I am travelling through 17 more countries by bike over the next 2 years (ending at the southernmost tip of Argentina, and pushing the envelope of the SPOT coverage map). I just wanted to thank you for your services, and putting my parents at ease with my travels, as travelling alone through some of the places I’m going to isn’t the safest. Also, I would like permission to use your logo on my website ( As well, if you would like any photos, or to partner with my journey, please let me know. -Adam Biel Founder of Adventure for Autism
Debra McGhan
The North America Outdoor Institute carries SPOT during ourdoor training adventures. Last spring my son Allen McGhan took SPOT on an adventure in a remote area of Washington state. He and his wife got caught in a surprise storm and were stranded by high water. They activated SPOT and park rangers were able to locate and rescue them. Another couple had no means of communication and were not so fortunate. They died from exposure. SPOT really proved a lifesaver for Allen. We recommend everyone carry SPOT when traveling in the backcountry.
Captain Stanley "BullDog" Thal
Dear Spot: I deliver yachts up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Sometimes the weather is not our friend. It gives enormous comfort to the boat owners as well as my family and the families of our crews to know where we are and that we are safe. Spot allows us to check in each day even though we may be 100 miles off shore and with a precoded message for each delivery notify customers, family and friends that we are AOK. The locations are "Spot On". Usually within 10 feet. Everyone on my list loves getting the next great adventure of "Captain Bull Dog". Messages now are received usually within 10 minutes of being sent. I love it.
Michael Wick
I shipped aboard QUINTESSENCE, a thirty foot schooner, on the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. I didn't think I needed a satellite tracker in my small-boat sailing, but sailing back up the Atlantic Coast from Norfolk, Virginia, we were 6 miles from the Barnegat Bay Inlet when a sudden strong North Easter sprung up suddenly and very strong. We decided it wasn't safe to run our own inlet, so we turned South and sailed to Absecon Inlet near Atlantic City. Absecon has a wider channel, and, although it was still quite rough, we made it safely. THe real point is that our wives had been following our progress on QUINTESSENCE's website and immediately knew that we had taken the discrete decision to change our course and go back. THe real reason for needing SPOT is that our wives knew that we had made the right chioce. It was my wife who decided that I needed my own SPOT. I look forward to a small package under the Christmas tree in a couple of weeks. Mike Wick
Terry Hairston Sr.
I'm 74 years old and really enjoy bushwhacking in wilderness areas with Boy Scouts, friends and solo. With SPOT I can follow the Elk & Sheep and and explore freely without worry about being restricted to the area of my original plan left at home. Am really impressed with it. Two friends have said that's what they are asking for for Christmas.
Dale Petersen
Recently while cross country skiing I set my back pack on the ground to put my coat on. Four days later at home I could not find my pack. I wondered, "Did I leave it on the trail?" That same day a phone call came from a person who found it. He called SPOT customer service and was told how to find the serial number from which he was given my phone number. I was glad to give him a reward. So if you are not lost but your SPOT is, it just might say come and get me!
Ken Scott
On Nov. 22, I took my kids on a hunting trip.Prior to leaving, my wife suggested I take my SPOT GPS out of the helicopter and take it with us. I am glad I did, we ended up on a mountain side stuck in 8" of snow, i tried to get help via cell phone but no one really understood where we were at. I called the local sheriffs office who in turn called out the Search and rescue, I gave them the coordinates via SPOT, they located us on the map, and sent help, we were very grateful for this little unit. I orginally bought this to put in place of my ELT in my hughes 500 helicopter, this is the neatest thing sence the discovery of sliced cheese. Thanks spot. Ken Scott
Craig Dahl
Just a few minutes ago a charter plane extracted my stepson and his father from a cold snowy bay in Southetast Alaska on a deer hunting trip. The extraction was one day ahead of schedule based upon the prearranged "Help" message SPOT. We carry our SPOTS on the boat in the summer months but this is the first time for putting it to use. They will more than likely write their own story, but as a user of SPOT and the recipient of their help message, I just wanted to say "it works" and "thank you"
Shawne Camp
Used SPOT 1 on a solo bike trip from SF to DC this year. Besides allowing everyone to be a part of my trip by following my route online daily it helped me out of some jams. In the mid west some street signs were gone due to storms. I was off route a few times in the middle of what felt like nowhere. I used my cell to call a friend who pulled up my site, saw where I was and got me back on route. Outside of Telluride, Co I had a black bear outside my tent. Telluride Sheriffs Department got my lat and long and came to my campsite bringing me pepper spray. SPOT really gave me peace of mind and created a fun trip for others to be a part of.
Dr Fred Buettner
In mid July my friends and I stsrted our backpacking trip out of Toulomne Meadows in YosemiteNP. We were at the end of our fourth day-about mile 13. The weather was extremely hot for our 9000 ft elevation 80's. All of us are very experienced backpackers and we were keeping well hydrated but one in our group went down. He collapsed from apparent extreme exhaustion and dehydration. We assesed the situation and determined he was not getting any better.We decided to activate the Spot 911. This was at7pm. For 2 hours we were not sure he was going to make it. By 8am the np helo was over us and dropped two sars to us. our friend was helocoptered out a few hours later. Im sure possibly saving his life.Thank You Spot! The NPS sar team said this was the first Spot rescue they did in Yosemite NP. They were impressed with the accuracy of locating us.
John Robison
Here's a great tip if you have a first-generation SPOT and don't want to inadvertently call for help. I purchased a clear Pelican water-resistant case (model 1010) which protects all the buttons from accidental activation. In addition the clear casing still allows the SPOT to transmit a signal and track my progress. The case is only slightly larger than the original SPOT and it has three additional attachment points so you don't have to rely on the SPOT's belt clip. I folded the instructions under the belt clip on the SPOT where they will stay dry. The fit is snug but there is no need to trim or modify the soft casing. All in all, a great way to retrofit your old SPOT!
Susie Drougas
The third week of July, 2009 a group of us packed our horses into the Seven Devils Hells Canyon Wilderness. It's a very rugged area. On the last night of our trip, my friend Jacque was taking the hobbles off her horse and it spun and kicked her in the head. She was kicked in the head at 7:30 p.m., the lifeflite arrived in the 7800 foot high alpine meadow and we watched her fly out at 10:45 p.m. She had been kicked in a cranial artery and had she stayed the night, she would have bled to death. Her husband was alerted by text and he was at the trauma center shortly after she arrived. She had originally bought the spot for her Type 1 diabetic daugher, it turned out it saved her life instead. We will not travel into the backcountry again without our SPOT. Thank you!
todd brown
Last Thanksgiving we came across a man with a broken led in a very remote canyon. he was bleeding from the break and going into shock. i hit my spot button. a rhino came by and we loaded him into it. they had cell phones and had already called for help. so,i kept my spot. i forgot to turn it off though. a few miles later a sheriff heli was circling us, we thought we'd poached a trail... but he asked through his loud speaker if we were hurt. we responded no. he flew off... then in minutes he landed in an impossible spot and said he was looking for todd brown! i panicked thinking my parking ticket had gone unpaid... nope, he had rec'd the signal and wanted to make sure i was personally okay. they were cool about the false alarm and flew on to find the man with the broken leg.
I spent 4 weeks on Mt Ararat in northeastern Turkey this summer. I used the SPOT tracker throughout the trip. Mt Ararat is remote and dangerous and much of the trip was above 13,500 feet. Since I was out of cell phone range, I connected the tracker updates right into my website so friends and family could watch my progress using Google maps. It worked great!
Paul Sibley
OK, I don't have a SPOT - yet! But, this 75 year old hiker named Siegfried Krauss from Cali does. On the John Muir Trail this summer, I had to exit after 110 miles. Stranded on the new exit point, I found Siegfried coming out after 10 days with a SPOT around his neck. Turns out, his wife will only let him go solo if he takes his SPOT, and I can see why. He's an avid hiker, amazing shape and stubborn. First words when I bummed a ride were, "Beer first". Well, if there ever was a cover story for aging people that don't age and use technology to augment their safety, this is the story. I got a photo of Siegfried as he dropped me off 50 miles out of his way! Now, SPOT is on my Chistmas list.
Mid-July, we completed an 8-month sail from San Diego to Mexico. To help alleviate concerns our friends and family had about this coastal cruise, we purchased a SPOT transponder. Each day under sail we would send an "OK" message to the people on our contact list so they would know where we were and that all was well. Our cruise extended down Baja California, up into the Sea of Cortez and across to west coast of mainland Mexico as far south as Puerto Vallarta. Everyone received our transmissions and were able to follow our progress. We were rarely more than 100nm offshore during any part of the voyage. The SPOT worked flawlessly.
James Birkenberger
I frequently fish the waters of Long Island Sound, often alone. My wife and family find comfort in knowing that I am safe. I check in when I leave the dock and when I am on my way back to the marina. I send and OK message via e-mail and text message. My SPOT gives me peace of mind knowing my family knows that I am OK when I am out on the water. I don't have to worry if my cell phone won't work or if I an unable to make a call. Thanks SPOT, I'll be renewing my service for the next season.
gary snyder
my friend and I were hiking in the adirondack mountains when my friend got lost.At 7:05pm on 10/5/09 I pushed the 911 button on my spot locator.The first ranger arrived on the scene at 9:15pm.At approximately 10:15pm my friend was found safe and sound.The spot locator worked flawlessly. Thank you spot
Lee Adsitt
For the second year in a row I took my SPOT with me on a Montana elk hunt in the back country of Scapegoat Wilderness area just north of Lincoln, MT. On the evening before the opening day of the hunting season I showed my hunting partners and our guides my SPOT and explained how it worked. At the time I had no idea how important that conversation would become. On the second day of the hunt, 9/16, one of my hunting partners and I achieved a rare accomplishment. We bagged two bull elk in the same location within less than one hour. It happened at dusk at the end of the day. By the time the elk were field dressed it was pitch black on a moonless night. We briefly attempted the 5 mile hike back to camp in the dark but quickly realized it wasn’t possible and we were spending the night in the woods. Fortunately, we were prepared for that possibility and comfortably settled in for the night. Here is where the earlier SPOT conversation at camp was important. When we did not arrive back in camp as scheduled the other guides and hunting partners became concerned. But they remembered I had the SPOT and knew if we were in serious trouble I would be able to activate the 911 feature and get help. They were not compelled to try and find us in the dark that night or even the next morning. When we arrived in camp the next morning safe all were relieved and told us that the SPOT gave them peace of mind during the night. This really drove home the value of the SPOT to me. It isn’t just a way to get help in an emergency but gives peace of mind to others that you can get help if you need it.
Nate Johnson
My 'SPOT' story is a little different than most. This story is a testament to double checking your gear, and making sure it is always secure. I embarked on an 8 day, 60 mile hike across the Uintah mountains of Utah with only my dog, my pack, and my SPOT as my second person. 5 miles into the trip I stopped to replenish my water supply from a small stream. I Checked to ensure my SPOT was in place, and continued on my hike. Again, about 5 miles later I again stopped to replenish my water supply before crossing an area I knew to have little water. My SPOT was gone! It was not on my pack! I retraced the 5 mile section of trail I knew I'd lost it on 4 times to no avail. I made a quick judgment call and decided not to continue with my original plans and stayed in the general area throughout the duration of my time in the wilderness. I did not think it prudent to continue my 60 mile trek through the wilderness alone without my "lifeline" as I like to call my SPOT. After leaving the wilderness I got on-line, retrieved the last tracking GPS coordinates of my SPOT, and re-entered the mountains with my SPOT last coordinates plugged into my GPS device. Believe it or not, my GPS took me to within 4 feet of where my SPOT was - still laying on the ground, under a tree, less than 5 feet off the trail! Power light still happily blinking away! I was fortunate my SPOT landed on the ground face up or I probably never would have found it! Just to reiterate - My SPOT was on the ground under a tree and was still capable of sending out tracking messages! I am very pleased with the capabilities of this device and will always lash it to my pack with a safety lanyard in the future.
Dr. Michael Dowdy
While I understand the the Spot was designed for use in the wilderness, our practice have found a use for it in a much different setting. We use the Spot as an emergency backup device for our case managers working in the community. Such work requires our staff to move about the community and often times be in settings that can be unpredictable and even potentially dangerous. Having the Spot with them allows our case managers to feel more secure that help is just a press of a button away. We were recently commended by our national accreditation organization for this innovative use of the device. Just thought you would like to know and want to share this idea with others.
Richard Dickison
Fathers Day weekend I was traveling north on Hwy 101 just north of Yureka, CA. A rear flat @ 85 mph brought an abrupt end to an otherwise great day. I had just bought my "Spot" first outting. Pushed the "Help" button and within 15 minutes CHP was on site helping me..with tow truck not far behind. Not bad!
Nicolle Goldman
SPOT came with me on a 600 mile pilgrimage on foot across Spain on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Friends and family followed my adventure. My husband created a wonderful memento of the entire trip by importing the SPOT data files into Google Earth and putting them into a Photoshop picture.
lisa ramirez
Thank You SPOT!!! My husband, son and nephew were on the Rubicon trail above Tahoe. I was so concerned about their safety. It made me cry happy tears when I got a text on my cell phone that night saying that "All is well". I couldn't have gotten that message if they didn't have the spot device. Thank You!
Laura Luna
A theo-artistic pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. During the 450 mile journey, Laura will sketch, video, photograph and journal. Through GPS Spot technology, supporters will have the opportunity to witness and share every step of this pilgrimage-expedition. Upon her return, Laura Luna will create a journey-inspired body of work.
Joel Stratte-McClure
I'll be using SPOT during the upcoming stage of my pan-Mediterranean trek ( in Sicily/Greece in September/October. Will probably wonder how I hiked 5,509-kilometers to date without it.
Bethany Cox
My husband and I are on a kayak trip, paddling from Lubec Maine to Key West Florida and we have been using the spot all the way. When we first started this trip, we only had about 10 people following the trip via our spots. Now, 4 months of paddling later, we have over 100 people who receive our SPOT updates. It's fun for our family and friends to follow along with us, and also a great way for us to be able to track our route after we finish. Of course it's also comforting to know that we have the "help" and "911" options right at our fingertips, if we ever need them. Since our "OK" messages had never failed to go out, I have no doubt that the other messages will be just as successful if needed. Thank you for creating such a innovative and reliable product. We have really enjoyed it and will continue to as we finish our east coast paddle.
Jonathan Dunn
My girlfriend and I just completed the entire length of the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra, backpacking from Yosemite Valley to Mt Whitney in 19 days. We sent an "OK" spot message at the end of each day to let our loved ones know that we were doing well. Every one of the messages was received and it provided our familieswith an extra level of comfort and reassurance which, in turn, made our own trip more relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks for providing us with a great product!
Ken Reynoldson
SPOT. Don't leave home without it! I use SPOT in so many different ways it will be hard to list them all. Since I am involved in many different activities, I have set up 3 different profiles to cover most of the situations. I just go to the SPOT page and activate the particular profile I will be using at that time I have one profile set up for just run of the mill traveling around. As I am out and about I just push the OK button every hour or so. People can watch my progress, and if I am heading to one of those friends places, they will have an idea of my arrival time based on my location. That way they do not have to stay at home wondering when I am going to show up. Remember, you can't be calling on the cell phone while driving. When I have arrived at my destination I send the HELP message which I have made to say I am at my destination. I also volunteer for the American Red Cross so I have set up a different profile for that situation. When a disaster strikes, if I am asked to travel, I pack up all my stuff as well as SPOT. I send reports several times a day so friends and the home Chapter of the Red Cross know where I am. Travel plans and assignments change all the time in a disaster, so where you were supposed to be going in the morning can change before lunch. Remember, these are disaster areas and many times there is no telephone, power or internet available for days. SPOT fills the gap. Once again, I have changed the HELP message, and when I am settled in for the night, I send a message stating that fact. My third profile is set up for use on my 26 foot boat. I use SPOT to supplement my FLOAT PLAN. You do file a FLOAT PLAN every time you go out on your boat don't you? I let people know that I will be going out and who is on the boat with me. I do that by email. All those people also have a rather complete description of my boat and all the safety equipment on board as well as pictures of the vessel. The emergency contact information which will be viewed if you push 9-1-1 on SPOT also lists contacts to be notified in case of an alert. This includes the number of the local US Coast Guard Station. I send OK SPOT reports every 30 minutes. I have a timer which I set to alert me to send a report. My friends know, if they do not get a report in 60 minutes, to contact the authorities.They can look at the most recent SPOT position report, and there is the point to begin the search. I fish out of a harbor in Northern California where the water is always cold and the conditions can turn sour in a short time. With the most recent position, the Coast Guard knows where to start. Think about those people that get into trouble and no one has any idea of which way they went when they left the harbor. That makes for a HUGE search area. Once again, I have changed my HELP message to say that I am safely back at the dock. I push that button after I have tied up and am cleaning the boat up. SPOT. Don't leave home without it!
Ray Brown
Heres on for you: I live and hunt in Colorado. This doesn't sound like much but for years when I've hunted in the back country my wife rightly wanted me to check in daily. As you know cell phone service is not alway available or dependable in the remote mountainous areas. I've driven as much as forty miles in search of a good signal. This disrupts the hunt and is time consuming. SPOT has changed all that. Now all I need to do is find some open ground and activate my SPOT. Hit I'm OK and check in. Everyone WINS, I get to hunt and she deosent have to worry about me. Thankyou SPOT
Capt Wayne Espinoza
As an avid offshore angler I not only rely on my SPOT for peace of mind for unforseen emergencies but it has become a valuable tool for charting and ploting movements of palagic fish such as Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi! On average I run between 70 and 100 miles of shore and sometimes log over 200 miles a day. I can now go home and log into my account input the positions of fish caught sea surface temperature breaks and this information has increased my success greatly! I highly recommend SPOT for novice as well as proffesional anglers like myself! Capt Wayne Espinoza "TUFF ENUFF" Tuff Enuff Charters, Va. Beach Va
Russell Kofoed
I was camping and fly-fishing alone in the mountains in Idaho. Late one night I began to have chest pains. I used the spot "help" feature and my fiancee called the local sheriff. The sheriff arrived a couple of hours later and then an ambulance. It was a 2 1/2 hour ambulance ride to the hospital. I was treated and released and am fine.
Mike Bancroft
I do extensive work offshore on ships and deliver boats. My SPOT messages to my family and delivery customers have been sent from the Bering Sea, Europe, USA, offshore Atlantic and the Pacific. My family loves the messages, tracks me and goes to bed at night comfortably knowing all is OK. That was until one night, I was working on the aft deck and had my SPOT messenger in my pocket and somehow managed to activate 911. I only had to do some equipment checks and I know it was only out there for a couple of minutes and had checked my Messenger just minutes before. I was done on the deck, went to the galley to get a coffee and got a page to report to the bridge. Apparently the USCG called checking if I was okay, they received a distress message, and I checked my messenger and yes - 911 was activated. When I got ashore, I found that SPOT contacted my contact person, who had my trip plan and vessel ID, they then contacted USCG who radioed the ship. I was embarrassed, I have since put duct tape over the 911 and HELP buttons, but we were all amazed and relieved at the quick response and followup from SPOT. Maybe one day new messengers will have a cover or something over the 911 and HELP functions to make accidental activation less of a possibility.
Jason Nabors
I would like to thank you for your wonderful tool.My wife could sleep easy knowing that I was Ok for a week sailing the intercoastal water way in my 8' boat.I belong to a group know as Puddle Duck Racers.We build small 8' long x4' wide sailboats and sail them 200 miles from Port Mansfield Texas to Magnolia Beach Texas. It is a week long journey that requires sailing 40 miles a day in some of the most inhospitable,unpopulated and unforgivable territory in Texas anyway.Lets just say that cell phone service is sketchy at best.I did the trip last year with only a cell phone.That was a nightmare for my wife not knowing if I was Ok or not.This year for fathers day I got the spot unit.My wife said it was just as much a gift for her as it was for me. And just let me say it was a wonderful addition to my sailing gear.I don't see myself ever taking the trip again without it. Thanks Jason Nabors Oh by the way if you would like to know more about the trip you can find it at... or DUCKWORKSMAGAZINE.COM
susan sutherland
Hi There, I just have a comment to make. I did not know about the spot unit until I heard a contest on trucker radio that was broadcast on our local radio station CJKC in Kamloops BC Canada. I work alone in a rural area outside of Kamloops and I have no cell service where I go and I have had a couple of incidents where I was off the road and could not contact anyone and you would not believe the number of people who just drove by me walking down the road with my little dog and injured. I won one of the spot devices on the trucker radio show. I have such peace of mind now and so does my family knowing that I am not alone anymore. They track me every night and know exactly where I am and when should anything go wrong while I am at work and knowing I can summon the police is fantastic as I have been stalked by some pretty strange people where I go and harrassed by people that actually live up in the areas I go to. So you see I think that your device is absolutely fantastic and I am very grateful to you and to the trucker radio show. Sue Sutherland
Mark Lettieri
I would like to Thank SPOT for doing the right thing by honoring the rebate that was not being honored by the company that was handling SPOTS rebate program. By stepping up and doing the right thing SPOT has a loyal customer. Thank you again. Mark Lettieri
Tom Zumbo
SPOT now sells cars! I have worked for Mercedes Benz for 14 years and recently sold a 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK350 in which the emergency response system tele-aid was an option. After contracting for the vehilce the pervious Mercedes Benz owner did not want to take delivery after learning the vehilce did not have the system. I logged into the SPOT website and showed the customer he could save money and be better well equipped. He jumped into his new car and drove to the nearest SPOT dealer. Spot closed the deal!
I purchased a SPOT last year to be used while on a motorcycle trip to Alaska. Two reasons, one so I could stay in touch with my wife daily letting her know I was ok and two, having the 911/GPS service was a level of security that had me concerned when planning the trip. This years trip is to B.C. for 9 days and I now have a following of people wanting to get the e-mail updates and access to my personal page for tracking us. Great device, only trouble I had was when I was at the Artic circle. Your web site indicated that being this far north would likly not work well. It didnt but worked great from Seattle all the way to Fairbanks and back. Thanks for a great product at a price that is reasonable.
Steve Szymanski
My buddy Dave and I were bear hunting in the Alaska back country rivers when our boat became capsized, And we made it out of the water minus a boat and gear. Luckily I had my spot in my life vest pocket and being 15 miles in the mountains with few ways out we used the emergency option. It saved our lives for sure, and I will never go anywhere without it in the back country... Thanks to SPOT and the Alaska State Troopers who rescued us...
Jack Konner
My cabin in the Mt. Hood National Forest was broken into, along with a few others. A lot was taken, including a day pack with Spot inside. The thiefs, probably not knowing what it was, were playing with it and hit the 911 button, leading toe police to their door in Vancouver WA. They were caught red-handed with all the goods. I got all my stuff back.
my buddy and I are taking a boat from little rock AR down the Arkansas river to the Mississippi river and down to the gulf of Louisiana this may.I have ordered my SPOT from bass pro shops and we plan to use it to track our trip . we cant what to shoot out our first coordinates as we put the boat in the river!
Found this in the paper
A few things contributed to having to use SPOT yesterday for a 911 call... Search and Rescue found me right where SPOT said... in a deep ravine in the middle of the desert... and for dual sport riders, my BMW riding gear with next generation NP protectors was the difference between a helicopter and a 4x4 quad and being able to recover at home and not the hospital.
Marc Boucher
The Mars Institute is using a SPOT live right now for the 2009 Northwest Passage Drive Expedition from Kugluktuk, Nunavut to our research station on Devon Island at the Haughton Crater in the high Canadian arctic.
Steve Labowskie
I used my SPOT on an 18-day Grand Canyon river trip. It worked great, I was a little concerned that our amount of sky overhead was limited due to the narrowness of the canyon and the fact that many camps are very close to tall cliffs. I would let my SPOT transmitt for an hour or so at each camp, my friends and family recieved at least one message every time. It's very cool to now go back and review our progress as we traveled through 226 miles of remote wilderness!!!
Daryl Moistner
Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in a challenge 72 sailboat from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia in the French West Indies. The Spot kept track of our position daily and relayed via Google Earth to friends and family. photos here:
Jon Crowley
We used our SPOT on a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. It was a great way to keep family and friends up to speed with our adventure. Check out our SPOT check-ins and pictures here:
Jeffrey Kennedy
I will be using spot on a 5,946 miles bicycle ride this summer. I would love to share this event with everyone that has computer access. This journey will start in Anchorage, Alaska on May 30th, and end 75 days later in Key West, Florida. More information on this event can be viewed at
J.J. Nugent
I am an expert sailor, open water canoeist, and an enthusiastic Cross Country Skier. None of these activities cause my wife to worry any more thanks to Spot. She now calls herself "Mission Control"! PS I had to put my Spot in a waterproof box but it still makes the contacts if I put it open to the sky! Thanks.
Bob Bolles
My wife and I had an Alaska adventure last August and covered 2600 miles by air and land and 760 miles north to south. The Spot was always with us in some very remote areas. We sent our locations to friends and family. I wouldn't travel without it. Thanks SPOT.
reguarding four young men (two pro baseball players) were fishing over 50 miles offshore in 14 foot seas, in a 21 foot boat!!! unfortunately, three DROWNED !! a spot would have saved them all (one did live). The next day I ordered one for myself son, an outdoor, offshore fisherman, airboater, hunter, etc. Everone should have one!
Bret Daniel
I fly a Paraglider and often times when flying a distance route I may land in remote regions. The SPOT makes it easy to alert other pilots about my landing location when the cellphone does not work. Will use for sailing and Hiking trips as well.
Chad Ragland
Pre ran and raced the entire 2008 SCORE Baja 1000 with my Spot. We finished 3rd overall! Some of the race course is in extremely remote areas, where nobody is safe without a Spot device. I race in the Trophy Truck class, and I will never pre run or race without my Spot!
Nicole Lee
My husband does a lot of offroad motorcycle riding in Mexico. With all of the violence down there, its great to be able to see where he is during the day and get the "I'm OK" message. I use it to hike every Friday with a girlfriend. It really could be a lifesaver someday.
howard snyder
I used MY SPOT snowmobiling all winter. My girlfriend watched me on the computer.In case I broke down. It was good to see SPOT on Robby Gordons car today at qualifying.
Vince Pitelka
I bought a SPOT a year ago. I drive out west every summer and do a lot of hiking and camping, much of it by myself. My family has always worried about me, especially since a nasty broken leg incident four years ago. Now, whenever I arrive at a new location, I do a SPOT "I'm OK" message, so my family knows where I am and that I am okay. If I do another "I'm OK" message from the same location, it means I am about to go for a hike. I often do another OK message when I reach the farthest location on the hike, and another when I get back to the starting location. My family can tell from the Google map that I am okay, and they love to look at Google maps and see where I am. This has become a ritual, and it has immeasurable increased my enjoyment of remote locations, and my family's peace of mind when I am out there in the wilderness. I am just as careful as I always was, but it is very gratifying to have SPOT with me and know that I could use it in an emergency. I also use it when I am traveling on business to let my family know I have arrived at my destination. It is an incredible device, and it has meant so much to me over the past year. I wouldn't travel without it. - Vince
Billy Chambers
My wife bought me a SPOT for my birthday last year. With me being an avid Pilot, Hunter, and Offshore Saltwater Fisherman, it is easy to have peace of mind that if something happens while I'm "Out and About", I can be located shold something unfortunate happen.
Matt Wilson
While out on a recent climb of Calf Robe mtn in Glacier National Park we encountered 60-70mph winds near the summit. The Spot was whipped off my pack and took a 300ft tumble down the mountain. I fully expected the unit to explode when it hit a rock but it only received minor scratches, but more importantly it STILL WORKS FINE!!!
David Clark
I am paralyzed from the chest down and use a power wheelchair. However, I am often outdoors: photographing and fishing in the mountains of Colorado and bayous of Louisiana. I have gotten my chair stuck, fallen completely out of the chair, etc. etc. I will not tolerate a babysitter, so my SPOT (purchased by my worried wife) could be my lifesaver. Since my wife (an avid hiker whose job also entails hiking in the wilderness) was kind enough to get my SPOT, I may let her use it or get her one of her own.
Mike Lacey
I've been using my Spot for 2 months and it has not let me down once. I off road ride dirt bikes in some far out of the way places and it has been a reassurance to my family that I am OK at the end of a ride. This is a great device for us that ride alone and is long overdue.
David V
I just purchased a Spot Messenger for an upcoming rim-to-rim hike through the Grand Canyon with my brother, my second and his first. We are both experienced hikers. We plan to send OK messages to the family during rest stops each day, and when we arrive at camp each night. And hopefully, we won't need to use the 911 button, but it's nice to know it's there if we need it.
I've loned my SPOT unit to a friend of mine who is currently competing in the Iditarod by bicycle! One of 50 competetors on bicycles. SPOT Trekking features has kept his family and friends up-dated as to his progress, not to mentioned the additional safety SPOT offers during this extreme event.
Dave Ulmer
I ride my dirtbike alone in the backcountry. I send an OK message when I leave my camp for a ride. My OK message to my friends has this text: 1st Message, leaving camp Next messages possible good satellite view. Last message, back at camp. So when I am out riding and come upon an area where I want to take a 'satellite picture' of the surroundings I press the OK button. After the ride I can go to my computer and check the OK messages and use the 'satellite picture' link to see where I had been riding. I can also use the coordinates to geotag any photos I take at the OK location. Using the OK button this way tells my friends when I leave on a ride, shows them interesting satellite views along the way, and confirms that I got back to camp safely.
John Petro I am 71 years old and have a Civil War era get-away farm located in a valley in Massanutten Mountain which is located in the Shennandoah Valley - (Fort Valley 22652- see the above website for a view of the valley.) There is no mobile phone service in "The Fort" so SPOT provides considerable safety and freedom for me and comfort for my family while I am out on the tractor, ATV or simply walking around the surrounding George Washington National Forrest alone with only the bears, rattlesnakes, copperheads and my honeybees.
Kevin Knowlton
I am a member of the Nome Alaska Volunteer Fire Department and Search and Rescue unit. On At approximatly 5:30pm on Februaty 24th 2009 we recieved a tone out for a search and rescue. Upon reporting to the Fire Hall we learned that a hunter that was out alone on snowmobile hunting Muskox, had activated his SPOT using the Help feature. The e-mail message had the hunters coordinaltes and we where able to show on google map the type of terain that the signal was coming from. Weather was marginal with temps around 20 degrees and the wind blowing around 25 miles per hour, it was fogy and snowing horzontaly. we dispached a quick reaction team to the coordinates which where approximatly 12 miles west of Nome and about 2 miles in from the coast.with in approximatly 45 minutes of leaving the team was in the vacinity of the signal and with in minutes we found the hunter at almost exactly where the SPOT unit told us we would find him. His snowmobile had broke through the ice on a small creek and was stuck up to the middle of the cowling in ice and snow. the hunter was wet and the nearest shelter was over 2 miles away. With out the SPOT the out come for this hunter might have been a lot different. We may have not started looking for him until he was reported over due and we would have been looking for a needle in a hay stack. since the recovery our local weather has deteriated to blizard conditions and instead of a hunter and rescuers sitting at home this morning we could still be looking for him and preparing ourselves for the worst. Thank you SPOT, I own a unit myself and do not leave home with out it.
Scott Higgins
I love my SPOT, when my wife and I are traveling in Costa Rica we can check in with our family back home to let them know we are OK. Sure beats having to find a high spot to use a cell phone.
Chris Kelly
Just wanted to tell you how SPOT gave us peace of mind and our families a play by play of our adventure. My best friend, Dutch Burns and I took our 2004 Sea Doo GTX personal water crafts from Palm Beach / Lake Worth Florida to the Bahamas. Our trip had a 68 miles of open ocean to our first landfall, West End Bahamas. Our SPOT gave our families our positions at our waypoints and tracked our trip there and back. Without a chase boat and no land in sight for 4+ hours, it was nice to know we had some eyes on us. Without it the adventure would have been impossible. Thanks
Ed Karnes
I am an avid geocacher and enjoy hiking solo in the local mountains. I have always felt uneasy about doing this alone. A few months ago The "SPOT" was brought to my attention through a discussion heard on a geocaching podcast. The price was right and the services fit my need to a tee. Last week as I was returning to my car after, geocaching, down a nice trail. I twisted my ankle and realized that my cell phone was of little use. It could not hang on to 911 and constantly dropped out.The operator wanted cross streets and there were none in the area on the trail. I hit the "911" button on my SPOT and within 20 minutes the Fire rescue helicopter was picking me up. As it turned although my phone was hit and miss, mostly miss. The coordinates were sent by "SPOT" to those who could really help. If you hike solo or not, Take my advice get one of these SPOT devices and be able to write a testimonial. Ed Karnes
Jim Griscavage
My friend and I took a coast-to-coast motorcycle trip to Alaska last year. It was comforting knowing that SPOT was there when we were in the middle of nowhere. As a side, once an hour I would send my retired parents an OK message as we rolled along. They had a GREAT time tracking our progress as we made our way around the the US and Canada over 10,000 miles.
Mike Langley
As an avid outdoorsman, I won't go anywhere with out my Spot. It gives my family and I peace of mind, and will always be in my person when I am out.
While out hiking & Geocaching,solo, as I usually do, I was coming back to my car down a good trail and twisted my ankle, actually backwards. I knew that my cell phone was not in a good location and my 911 call were not going through. I pushed the 911 button on my "SPOT" and between the failed regular 911, and SPOT 911, a helicopter was there to airvac me out to the nearest hospital. This all took about 20 minutes. My injuries required two rods to be placed in my lower leg along with several plates and screws. Although I didn't think it would "Happen to Me", It did. Anyone that hikes, Geocaches, Bikes, or goes of the beaten path needs a Spot ... Trust Me. I am really impressed. Ed
After my SPOT fell off my backpack and I had to backtrack about a mile to find it, I took a small length of string to make a lanyard. I attached it to SPOT on the small metal attachment at a screw, I looped it around my backpack strap. Now when I clip SPOT to the backpack, I know that if it falls off, I won't be leaving it behind.
We purchased a spot this past summer prior to going into Labrador and Newfoundland. We signed up for the google earth tracking. Explained the various notes the kids might get. Important was to assure them a 911 message might not be for us and to always wait for a time. If it wasn't for us, they would receive an OK note. Same for the help, it may just mean vehicle broke down and nothing serious. It is the best thing we have ever bought. I was not fearful of being out of touch with the kids, and they new all was well and where we were at any time of the day. I have a set of elderly parents and the kids were afraid something would happen to them and wouldn't be able to find us. The spot took care of that concern. We now feel comfortable in going out of cellphone range.
My son gave me SPOT for my trip to Turkey so he could track me. SPOT was great! When traveling in US I keep it with me as cell phone coverage is spotty. He recommended using free image hosting service. I use it to quickly put up my images, zip load pics, etc.
The Everyday Journeyman
SPOT helped friends and family cheer on Team Everyday Journeymen as we travelled from London England to Banjul Gambia. The 4261 mile drive across two continents and nine countries in a 14 year old Jeep had many perils, warlords, malaria, wayward cattle, not to mention potholes the size of sofas. But with SPOT updating our location every hour and every single day, everyone back home knew that our Plymouth-Dakar rally team was safe. I recommend future Plymouth-Dakar rally teams invest in SPOT, it was the best purchase we made (besides the antimalaria medication).
Van Goodwin
I bought a SPOT for my 16 year old son Thom who loves hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing and winter camping. We spent the weekend of New Years 09 on the Mickelson trail in the Black Hills. With spot along Thom's mother and my wife can sleep while were out in what is termed crazy weather! At 15, Thom graduated NOLS WFR course. Should he come along a hurt or endangered fellow hiker, i know his training and SPOT can help turn tragedy into a better day. What an inteligent product it is and grately appreciated when I can not be out with my son! Thanks Van
jesse simmons
I am walking solo across America from LA to Boston raising money for cancer. The trip will take about 5 months and cover roughly 3,800 miles. Check out my blog,
Alma Allen
The SPOT messenger help get me safely out of a bad situation a week ago today. I fractured my leg in a motorcycle crash in a section of the Mojave Desert in California. Two hours after pushing the 911 button a sheriff's department helicopter picked me up out of the very rough terrain and darkness and flew me to a more open location were I was transferred to a medivac helicopter that flew me to a trauma center. I bought the SPOT messenger to send OK or help messages to my wife, that service alone is enough to justify it's purchase. I also purchased the GEOS rescue insurance when I activated the SPOT messenger, if that aspect of the service works as well as the GEOS emergency service did I'll be a life long exponent of this miracle device and service.
Watch the belt clip! The spot needs a clear line of sight to the sky so you will be using the belt clip to attach the unit some where, but beware that it will fall off with little force. I had problems with mine every time not staying where it should be and now I'm on my second spot. The first fell off while I was just hiking up Mt. Hood. There was 4 ft of powder all around us and the unit could not be found after I noticed it was gone.
WA Snowmobilers
Our snowmobile trail groomer has had 3 different mechanical problems and was stranded in the mountains, in the snow with no heat source each time. Last year he had a near fatal heart attack, so his family bought him SPOT. He has been able to go about doing what he loves and still give the family a piece of mind. One of the 3 times he did need 911 assistance and they were there and very happy he had SPOT because it took them right to his location when time was of the essence. Personally, I have a lot of new friends, cause I have my SPOT, they know that a rescue crew isn't far away.
I am a communications tech and i spend most of my time in remote locations, we do a lot of work in the high arctic, building and maintenance of NDB and localizers in extremely remote inuit communities. When we fly in the bush planes the pilots always ask if anybody has a gps unit for backup in case they have a malfunction in theirs, or if we make a emergency landing on the tundra or ice. With the spot unit its the best thing a person could ever have if they gotta ditch in an area 1000 miles from nowhere and nonexistent cell service.
Patrick Harrington
Hi, Thanks to my spot I feel confident when I go out to fly my falcons and hunt with my german shorthaired pointers.I have a heart problem and take medication.It is important to my wife that I keep in touch so I hit the ok button every couple of hours because where I go there is never any cell phone coverage.
Pete Pfeifer
I've been riding motorcycles off road in Arizona for many years and have always wanted to share my travels with my wife in real time so she doesn't worry. The SPOT unit has worked out great for doing this and I've also added my friends’ wives to the list of recipients who receive the updates. It's great for them to know where we are and when we'll be home.
Robert Brown
Found myself pinned underneath my big Polaris 4-wheeler in the mountains behind Mc Curtain, Ok. last Friday. Am a retired soldier who trys to plan for any possible emergency. Don't own a cell phone, but am fixin to get a SPOT! Bruised my ego, knee, and collarbone. Could have been worse! You betcha I'm gonna get a SPOT!
Edward J Barnak
I bought the Spot for my 68 year old father who is an avid hunter/fisherman, often venturing places w/o cell service. He hunts every day during PA's deer season, walking/hunting up to 5 miles in a day. I track his progress from my office computer (I got my buck already;-) Last week he called me to tell me he thinks he lost the SPot.. I checked the Google Map and found the last transmitting signal, programmed the Longitude/Latitude into my GPS unit and printed out the map... My dad never used a GPS and knows the Pocono Mnts only by 1000's of miles of hunting/hiking them thru his life... he was certain that the Spot unit could not have been in the place I showed him on the map... even called me as he was being led by the GPS unit that my 'technology' was wrong... but he had to eat his words when he found the unit 2.5 miles into the state game lands... 20 feet from where the GPS led him...Morale of the story.. make sure your Spot is secure.. but if you lose it... you should be able to find it again... EJB
Jim Reid
Well my SPOT paid for itself last weekend. After a solo overnight trip in the Beartooth Mountains of south-central Montana, where over night temps at 8,600 feet hit -25F, I snowshoed out to my truck to find it just wouldn't start. So I changed my tune. Having already sent my family three "OK" messages (one after parking my truck and one after reaching camp the day before, and one that morning while striking camp) I sent a "Help" message and waited for my wife to put my pre-arranged assistance plan into action. Hiking nine miles out of the backcountry to the nearest highway in -20 degrees F wasn't very appealing so I built a fire and settled in. Remarkably, only an hour and a half later a Carbon County Sheriff's deputy plowed his way up the road, stopped his 4WD truck next to mine, and asked if I was the guy that sent a message for help! With his assistance, a can of starting fluid and a long pair of jumpers, we were finally able to get my truck started. Without a SPOT, I would have had to hike the nine miles out, hoped to hitch a ride to town, and then paid at least $300 for a tow truck to get my rig back to civilization. Instead I had a great adventure! Many thanks to the Carbon County Sheriff's Office and my thanks to SPOT!
Jerry Hizon
During our Boy Scout Troop 148's 53 mile backpack of the Silver Moccasin Trail in the Angeles Forest in June, 2008, we were able to keep the parents informed as to our progress. They could then locate us on Google Earth. In fact, the local newspaper was made aware and they followed us everyday as we used our Spot to share our adventure with them. They then wrote a nice article about the scouts and mentioned our "advanced technology". Thanks for keeping us safe and looking "cool" to the readers. Thank you, Jerry Hizon ASM BSA Troop 148
Ron Burdett
My wife and I are deaf and we love Spot because we could not use cellphone to let our children know where we are on our trip in U.S. We use our Spot to send messages to them where we are including cities or place which are interested to know. Thanks for a wonderful high-tech Spot!! Thanks Joy and Ron Burdett
Scoutmaster Paul
Parents of scouts on adventure treks appreciate keeping tabs on our progress while backpacking. The automatic tracking feature allows families to virtually follow us across the country. I've integrated the SPOT tracking, Google Earth, and our own photo album to create an interactive trek - more interesting than a simple photo album. Take a peek at an example at - you need Google Earth installed to view it. I've also blogged about it at
Linda Imle
My story is not about being rescued, mine is a story of notification and peace of mind. Several friends and I pedaled our bicycles across the country from Chicago, IL. to Santa Monica, CA. in Aug/Sep of this year. We followed Old Historic Route 66, which meant that we would be on some smaller roads and in some places on mostly deserted roads. We were also going to be in the desert. Although we had a "Sag Wagon" it was nice to have my Spot with me. When out on the road with no cell phone coverage it was nice to know that if we had problems of a catestrophic nature we could get help. We also had a website set up so our family and friends could check on our progress as we travelled across the country. We were able to let them know where we were at all times and they could send us emails to keep us encouraged. What a great tool to stay in touch and to stay safe. Now that I am home in Alaska I use my Spot when I ride my bike to work, even in the winter time! It allows me to call for assistance if I have problems with moose or get stuck in snow or get hurt falling off my bike on a slick street. It has brought a great deal of peace of mind, to me and to my family and friends. I have loaned my Spot out to a friend when she had to drive up the Alcan to Alaska from Utah. It was just a little extra insurance just in case she had problems on any of the long, lonley stretches of road in Canada and Alaska. Thanks for developing this tool, it is great!
Bill Simmons
Last summer in the Sierra I was climbing steeply, off trail when my high leg action forced my Spot off my belt. It fell about 8 feet, hit a rock, and bounced 20 feet in the air! I figured that was the end of Spot, but I managed to recover it, and it's worked fine ever since. Thanks for building it tough!
gabrielle heynekamp
am a 63 year old grandmother with two artificial knees,fused neck (after bad horsewreck) and a fused lower back.but i have been hiking all my life and am not about to give it up.besides my 7 dogs need their daily walks. we live in desert country,with lots of canyons and steep hills.thanks to spot i can hike off-trail and my husband can keep track at home.its nice to know i can call for emergency help!lots of rattlesnakes and mountain lions people around. but i love the solitude and thanks to SPOT i do not have to give it up!!!i also like to go on long trailrides by myself and Spot is always there! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Paul Bucca
In addition to hunting elk solo, I often scout in the off season here in Idaho. I am frequently two or more miles off a road and it is assuring to have the capabilities of SPOT with me.
Russell Kofoed
I was duck hunting in a small jon boat, with a 1.5 horse motor on a lake in Northern Idaho in late November. In a matter of minutes the weather went from calm to a blinding storm with 50 mph winds and three foot waves. We couldn't make it across the lake, but were able to find shelter on an island to wait out the storm. As darkness approached we planned to use the SPOT if the wind continued after dark. We were becoming hypothermic. Just after dark the wind died enough for us to attempt to cross the lake. We were glad we had the SPOT with us in case the situation had persisted.
Brad Hewson
I am an avid Harley rider and sometimes travel some back roads where there are no phone booths, cell phone coverage, or other resources. On two separate occasions, I was able to receive help because I am a SPOT user. Once for a flat tire, and once when a companion broke down. Neither were emergencies, but having the ability to send a message to someone at home who can dispatch help is a tremendously valuable resource. Thanks SPOT !!!
Cindy Koene
My husband Ruben is currently sailing single-handed from the East Coast of the US to the Caribbean. The spot allows us to track him as he makes his way over the Atlantic. The downside of ocean use, is that we have lost the signal for several hours at a time on multiple occasions, probably due to satellites or website updates. So our agreement is, unless a 911 message is received, don't worry, going with the adage, no news is good news.
Shannon Henderson
Spot is a better tracker than garmin ! We use it on our hounds, works much better than garmins ASTRO. Would be great if they could put it on a dog tracker and have 2-3 day tracking without resetting it. Only downfall is thier site is not working right now. Called in and guess they are updating..which is bad when you're trying to get to your dogs before the wolves do!
Don Cox
I hunt elk, alone, in some very rough country. I use the Spot to send OK signals every couple of hours. My wife loves it. I can stay out until dark now, without her worrying. It's been great.
Ryan Heck
Going down the Point Huitzil Route, an ancient anasazi route into the Grand Canyon, a member of our party fell severely fracturing the two bones in his lower leg. We activated the SPOT 911 at 1120 and sent a member of our party back to where we last had cell service (a 2 hour hike out). When he got to cell service and called 911, they already knew where and who we were. The rescue team got to us a 5pm. Due to winds, the helicopter rescue didn't happen until 730 the next morning. The SPOT worked awesome, even in a side canyon with limited sky exposure!!!!
Jeffe Aronson
No rescues yet...but as a dory boatman on the Colorado in Grand Canyon, I like to let my wife know I've made it through Crystal rapids or Lava I send her an OK message from each of our 14 camps on a trip. She gets to see where we camp and live a little, though vicariously. I would love to be able to save the OK messages as a bulk block on your website (but must be able to do so for at least a month or two) and let my clients access them to relive their let me know if and when you have that capability. In the meantime, my wife and I salute you, and I look forward to my solo hike on the Southwest Coast of Tasmania (!)
Diego Gonzalez Joven
My friend John (who is blind), his guide dog and I have undertaken several long cycling and mountaineering expeditions that led us to set two world records. One of our first concerns was safety, that's why we got a Spot tracker. Since we were traveling by ourselves through treacherous terrain, we wanted to rely on a robust yet light GEOS enabled tracking device. The one thing that comes handy is the live map locator, in our website people could track our progress live... We love this little gadget, its light, easy to use and brings you peace of mind all in one. What else can you ask?!?!? Diego Gonzalez Joven
Roger Thode
Spot may have saved my life the very first time I used it earlier this week. I fly a powered parachute and like to fly in the wide open high deserts of central Nevada. I had to make an emergency landing and broke my leg in the process. I was miles from anywhere and my wife didn\'t even know where I was. I activated the \"help\" and \"911\" feature. In about 2 hours I saw a pick up coming to my rescue across a dry lake bed. Another 3 hours and I was at a hospital in Fallon NV over 100 miles away. I now have a bunch of hardware in my leg and it hurts but it will heal and I will be fine. I do need to teach my wife to enter a way point and be able to go to it. She got the help message by way of satellite Internet but was having trouble finding me. We were camped where there is no cell phone coverage. THANK YOU SPOT!
Ron Skinner
I used my SPOT on my volunteer vacation on Santa Catalina Island last month. While I never needed the 911 function, or the Help function, the Check In function and tracking was a ton of fun! My friends so enjoyed watching my adventure that they told me to be sure I took SPOT with me on my Yantze River cruise next month!
Brian Campbell
Just returned from a Northern British Columbia Moose hunt with my son. We each had SPOT. He and his guide got lost. They say that their horses were MISPLACED. Spent the night in the bush. He sent OK pings during the night and early the next morning. I had a sleepless night but checked my office by sat. phone the following morning. All was OK. Great relief and I went hunting that morning. Have spent over 45 days in Canada this year hiking and hunting. Everyone on my contact loves getting pings. My son did end up taking a record book moose with his bow. I\\\'m waiting for your text unit. It\\\'s got to be on the drawing board.
Jim Griscavage
On a recent motorcycle trip from the Virginia area to Hyder Alaska and back snaking all around the country, I used the OK feature on spot about every hour to send to my parents. It was easy to send a message without stopping to phone in and not knowing if there was even any cell phone coverage. They had a great time over that 2 weeks tracking where we went, what we were seeing and where we stopped. They had fun and I felt safer out there in the middle of nowhere. Great unit.
Bill Chickering
Every summer I fly my single engine Piper Cherokee from California to Michigan and back. It\'s always an adventure. This year friends and family followed my progress with SPOT Tracking. And I enjoyed the added safety of an accurate position report for SAR should anything go wrong along the way. With the traditional 121.5 aircraft emergency monitor going away early next year, all small planes should have SPOT on board.
Butch Elrod
I\'d like to add that users need to discuss with loved ones exactly what your non-emergency help message means... I sent a Help message to my girlfriend when the front wheel fell off my truck [broken ball joint] in a mildly remote area of Idaho. My thought was that I might not make it out in time for my nightly check in phone call with her. Two hours later, when I finally got cellular signal, she was nearly frantic. Now our understanding is that my Help message simply means that she should not turn off her phone or it\'s ringer until after she has heard from me.
Stephen Baumbach
I\'m a professional photographer making numerous trips a year to less than favorable places and conditions. I\'m alone most of the time whether in the mountains or desert. SPOT gives my wife a sense of security knowing that I\'m covered if an emergency arises. I\'ve spoken with a lot of the rangers in our national parks and they wished more people would consider carrying a device like SPOT. Thanks for the peace of mind and keep up the great work.
Butch Elrod
When collecting soil and rock samples in the mountains of Nevada, I have been without cellular signal for up to 4 days at a time. My Spot Messenger OK messages have provided real peace of mind for those concerned about me. It\'s become as important as sunglasses or a pocket knife to me and I never leave home without it...
My husband was in Venice, La when hurricane Ike hit. The phone service was out. I was able to know he was okay by SPOT. He hit the I\'m Okay button 2 - 3 times a day until he was able to call home. As far as I\'m concerned SPOT has already paid for itself!
Bryce Christensen
Here is a copy of my adventure showing the usefulness of the device.
Andy Kegel
I do a lot of outings with our Boy Scout troop. We recently spent a week in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (MN) and Quetico Provincial Park (Ontario). Beautiful! My co-leader and I had responsibility for six scouts, four of whom are in other families. I used my SPOT tracker to send frequent \"OK!\" updates to the moms and dads at home. They were able to track their adventurous sons remotely with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they were safe and sound. The mapping feature meant the folks at home knew exactly where their boys were. Mom could drink her morning coffee and know exactly where her son was that morning, 2000 miles away. We were fortunate and didn\'t need to use the emergency rescue features of SPOT, but a few SPOT messages a day went a long way to keep those parents comfortable while their boys were away. Thanks, -andy
Paul Scott
SPOT has helped make for a great summer hunt for my father and I. Nevada Mule Deer bowhunting season extends through August and the state is known for poor cellular reception regardless of carrier. SPOT enabled my retired father to hunt while I held down the office job. Dad would send \"OK\"\'s down nightly and I would wait for his \"Need Help\" call to go pack out his monster buck (maybe next time). All the while I was comfortable letting my nearly 70 yr old father hike the outback with access to emergency services FASTER than if I was with him. Thanks and I look forward to many years of similar ease of mind when Dad isn\'t with me because he\'s doing all the things he wants to.
Peter Spiller
Jon and I took SPOT! along on a 450 mile canoe expedition in very far north Saskatchewan, Canada. We followed three north flowing true wilderness rivers, Whitford, Waterfound, Fond du Lac. We ended at the indiginous community of Stony Rapids, almost on the 60th parallel! That\'s at the boarder of the NW Territories. Expedition was amazing (between us this was our 68th summer paddeling in the far north, so we know \"amazing\" when we see it). SPOT! worked flawlessly, except that the orange plastic belt clip broke off unexpectedlty. Luckily we were not in a rapid at the time.You should make it stronger. Suggestion: Each subscriber be given a folder where expeditions (date ranges of SPOT! tracks) can be saved for review later. Be very useful later when making up trip reports or just for bragging rights.
John Gray
I just arrived in Qatar on my way to Iraq. I am going to use my Spot for tracking for my families peace of mind and will be submitting any lessons learned from my four month tour.
Steven Lieber
I just returned from a photographic trip to photograph Polar Bears in Canada. Used the SPOT BEACON as an emergency backup tool, and also to keep my associates up to date on our shooting locations. I have some photos of our Cree Guide useing the SPOT Beacon along with some good Bear Shots if you would like them. Steve Lieber
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